Stop Reading! My First Love Story Was Embarrassing!

There are many types of love. According to The Write Practice, there are “first love, second-chance love, forbidden love, unrequited love,” and more.

Among all, the one type of love that we can always remember is our first love — either remembering it as true love or just a silly childhood memory.

Well, mine is the second one. You will find out about the who, why, how, and when in an interview I had with myself below.

Imagine there are two me(s) and one of them is wearing formal attire, holding a microphone, and sitting next to a camera ready to record every word another I will say.

Q: So, who was your first love?

A very direct question, I like it. I’m not sure if it was love, but I’m certain I didn’t understand a thing about love at the age of…what, like, nine years old? ten? See, I don’t remember the details, but it was my classmate.

Q: How did you meet?

The answer is crystal clear. We met in the classroom at school, duh.

The elementary school I went to wasn’t big, so each class had a lot of students. I think my class had around 30 to 40 students at that time, and the teacher usually rotated our seats every week.

I remember every week I secretly hoped to seat next to him and his deskmate, or better, in front of him, but that chance rarely happened — “There goes my chance of getting his attention!” I thought.

So, when it happened, I liked to turn around and pretend that I forgot to bring my pencil, eraser, ruler, or anything I could think of — ewwwhhh 😣

Q: Why did you like him?

Oh my (I take a sip of water from the bottle in front of me as I feel my cheeks are getting red)

“Are you blushing? Girl, are you shy?”

What?! No! Nonsense! I’m not blushing because I still have a crush on him or anything. It’s just… the reason was pretty stupid if I say so myself.

“How so?”

Promise me you won’t laugh! But I liked him because he had that super cool Sasuke hairstyle! Or at least at that time, I thought that was the coolest way a boy could have had their hair cut! >_<

“BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAKH” A burst of hysterical laughter is heard.

I think I deserve the laughter 😆

Q: Do you still love this person?

I think I kept the love until fifth grade and then I moved on to another boy. I mean, it was just a silly crush a nine-year-old girl had at school to make each day more interesting, I guess?

I don’t love him anymore, of course. We pretty much continue with our own lives after graduation. The story is just so fun to tell! Let’s just end this interview now before I ramble more nonsense. Have a nice day! 😅



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