“It’s not that simple!” Turns out, it is.

a sentence “And suddenly- the dreams started chasing me.”

Do you love reading books? If the answer is “Yes,” there is a chance that you love writing too. Sadly, writing is hard. The hardest part about pouring your thoughts on a blank document is typing the first word.

The question that we often ask ourselves is “Where do I start?” or “What should I write?” or worse, “Is my writing good enough?” Aren’t we all acute overthinkers when it comes to writing?

Some books blow our minds and leave us in a book hungover for months after we finish reading them because the stories are beyond “Amazing!”

So we thought, “If I want to write a book, I have to write THAT good!” But, what is GOOD? Define it. It’s pretty subjective and what we write might never be good enough for ourselves.

One thing I learn from reading Murakami’s First Person Singular: We should write without worrying too much about where the story will go or how people might react to it.

In the book, there are eight short stories. The theme of those stories goes from a normal boy meets a girl to a talking animal who is very polite I didn’t dare call it which.

My two favorites are The Confessions of A Shinagawa Monkey and Carnaval.

I remember the former the most because it’s just absurd to suddenly have a monkey serving you and talking to you so eloquently. At one point, I don’t feel any connection to the monkey, that goes without saying.

Then, the fact that this monkey is somehow alienated and all, I thought, “We all have been in that position at least once in our life, right? Alienated and just alone.”

Talking about the latter, Carnaval. One thing for sure, I’m a sucker for symbolism. My bachelor thesis was all about color symbolism and how the transition from one color to another has its own meaning. Symbolism is only fun to those who have their eyes peeled looking for it.


Write what comes to mind. Write what you want to write. Follow your heart and don’t second guess if it’s good enough because it will never be (according to your high standard of good).

Even if it’s about the absurd dream you just had last night or the fleeting encounter with an interesting stranger you met yesterday. Literally, ANYTHING!

That goes without saying, First Person Singular by Haruki Murakami is the first book that I manage to finish in 2022 and therefore the sole candidate of my favorite book of the year.




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